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Easy to Operate

Philippine Explorer operation is easy to operate for daily operation since we serve as a bridge and coordinator of those travel and tours providers letting us to have handling fee which will increments income. You will have your trained team to execute well in your branch hand will provide assistance for the clients.

Adept to Technology

Philippine Explorer adapts with the trends in the technological process of making service with the clients. thus, in just the tips of your fingers, you can monitor every aspect of your branch movement from manpower until the projected reach of financial income. Philippine Explorer have live screening of the branch performance when it comes with its behavior and sales achievement.

Fast Return Of Investment (R.O.I.)

Franchising is a risk for some and that's true because business is a risk. With Philippine Explorer, we believe in the say that what you sow is what you reap, therefore, risk is a result of what you have not been did your best in consistent way. Return of investment is faster if the marketing and sales is efficient and smart.

Diverse Market and Profitable

Our business venture has wide range of potential and target market as long as they have their budget for their leisure and travel experience. We can accommodate clients based on their preference of mode of transportation, itineraries, and budget. Philippine Explorer always fits their offer based on the budget that clients have making the leisure and travel offers flexible.

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